Your Own Marketing Department

We specialise in managing all of your branding, marketing, promotion and back office. It’s just like having your own Marketing Department & PA dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. This package includes our

  • Social Media Package
  • Ongoing Book Promotion Package
  • New Book Release Promotion & Marketing Package
  • Marketing Foundations Package
  • Author Branding Report
  • plus more

Here’s a sample of what you can expect each week:

  • Daily Facebook posts
  • Daily Twitter updates
  • Daily pins to Pinterest
  • Daily pics to Instagram
  • Create memes for use on all your social media accounts
  • Update your social media account headers/covers so they are always fresh & appealing
  • Initiate conversations in your name with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Instagram by posting @replies to others’ posts, tagging, liking and commenting on their posts
  • Follow new Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest boards, Instagram and Google+ accounts in your niche to expand your network
  • Create & write a monthly newsletter and manage your online list. We recommend MailChimp or Aweber which we will set up for you
  • Add a weekly blog post to your Goodreads author page to keep you in touch with your fans
  • Conduct Goodreads competitions on your behalf every 3 weeks (requires a physical book ISBN)
  • Seek other authors to cross promote with
  • Promote your new release book through curated social media links and ads. Detailed marketing plan. Place ads for you on high quality websites and publications. Ad cost is additional – ranging from $350 to $1,000 a book
  • Promote your backlist through curated social media and ads. Place ads for you every month on high quality websites and publications. Ad spend is additional. Ad cost is additional approx. $100 – $200 a month
  • Alert you to Awards to enter, cross promotion opportunities on social media, upcoming FB parties
  • Create a media kit for each of your books
  • Create a book trailer for your new release
  • Manage your WordPress website by adding new content you provide, updating with book releases, etc
  • Write a blog post for your website once a week. All the content we create & post on your behalf is 100% unique, custom and hand-made just for you
  • When your fans or followers comment on your posts, we’ll respond to them to continue the conversation
  • Keep your WordPress website plugins and themes up to date
  • Remove spam from your social media accounts and your WordPress website
  • Monitor social media for mentions of your brand and respond as needed, to protect your online reputation.
  • Create a “Round Up” for your blog or newsletter. It will engage users with your social accounts and ensure you have weekly, fresh content on your site.
  • Continually monitor and update your author brand to ensure your branding remains relevant and up to date.
  • Troubleshoot or brainstorm directly with Narelle.

Contract is month to month; paid one month in advance.
US$500 per week