MK Eidem and Ynyr makes USA Today Best Sellers list

I love giving authors the news they have hit the lists! Congratulations go to Michelle aka M.K. Eidem​ with Ynyr making the USA Today Best Sellers list at #79.

Ynyr is the third book in the Tornian series and has been eagerly awaited by fans of MK Eidem. The series is set in and around the worlds of Tornian where females are few and far between and the relationships between men and women is more about practicality and avarice than love and nurture. Discovering Earth, the Tornians not only find women they can take as mates, they also discover how wonderful a loving relationship can be.

Ynyr by MK Eidem



Ynyr was a third male, and while he was a fit and worthy Warrior, he had always known that no female would ever Join with him. Too many looked down on his family because of his mother’s refusal to leave his manno. He knew Ull would be able to overcome this because he was a first male and would one day be a Lord. Maybe even Vali, since he was a second male, but neither Ynyr nor his younger brother Zev would ever be acceptable to a female. The most they could hope for was to serve their House with honor… that all changed with the arrival of the females from Earth.

Abby’s life had not been an easy one, especially after the death of her family when she had been sixteen, but she had thought things were finally looking up. She was a year away from achieving her dream of becoming a teacher. Soon she would be making a difference in the lives of children others had given up on… that all changed when she was abducted by the Tornians.

Ynyr and Abby had come together in the most unusual of ways, but that was just the beginning of their unique relationship. Together they had to do something no other Lord and Lady had… They had to take a House that had been destroyed by deceit and evil and turn it into the shining example demanded by the Emperor.

Will the secrets left behind by Bertos and Risa tear them apart? Or will it be Abby’s secret and Ynyr’s reaction to it that does?

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